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World Children's Day Activities

Celebration activities of Child Friendly Smart City Knowledge Center, Surat

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Children's Charter of Demands 2018

In 2018, Child Friendly Surat City Knowledge Center organised Children's Charter of Demands event at Science Center Surat, with participation from government stakeholders and children from various schools.

Children Charter of Demands Gujarati

Children Charter of Demands English

Adolescents Health Charter of Demands 

Child Rights Mela 2019

In 2019, Child Friendly Smart City Knowledge Center, Surat organised Child Righs Mela event at Jeevan Bharti School, with participation from various stakeholders, children & teachers from various schools.

Child Rights Mela report

Wall painting report

Children's Voices

This year, children from Surat city have shared their voices on World Children's Day 2020!

Special Voices is about inclusion of differently abled children of city in decision making. This video is a an attempt to highlight the importance of inclusion of specially abled children as its their right.

On this World Children's Day, children remind us to follow the COVID safety guidelines when the schools are reopening. Let's listen to them and make a safe #newnormaleducation Video credits: Khushbu Chauhan

Children have their thinking about how we must operate  in the post Covid world. On this World Children's Day, let's remind ourselves to listen their voices adequately. 

Video courtesy - Khushbu Chauhan

"We cant see, but this doesn't mean that we don't have a vision" - this is what being said by children from our partner school Andhajan Shikshan Mandal, Surat

On this World Children's day, let's decide to fulfill the aspirations of EVERY CHILD in this new normal.

"We cant speak or listen but we have a voice" - On occasion of this World Children's Day - lets pledge to enter in a new normal, which will be normal FOR EVERY CHILD.  Courtesy - Mukabadhir Vikas Trust, Surat
Video Credits - Sunny Shah

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Happy World Children's Day!

from all of us at Child Friendly Smart City Knowledge Center, Surat

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