Surati Children Decode their Daily Life Happiness
& Some Struggle Areas for Happiness

Narratives by 10 children -from one of the CFSCKC workshops.

Child Bullying

Hindi information guide.

Vocational Skills Exposure Visit in Vanita Vishram Institute

“Life skills + Livelihood skills” integrated model

I am smart & safe kite flyer child

Awareness guide for children.

Building Resilience to Climate Change and Health: Can Adolescents in Urban Slums be the Answer?

Our detailed report.

Lessons Learned: Life Skills Education

Our learnings from our Life Skill Education activities in Surat.

Hypertension in Children

Report by UHCRCE.

Scale up programe (2019-2020) – report

Life Skill Education Program for Child Friendly Surat

Urban Health & Climate Resilience Center of Excellence

UHCRCE's mission is to achieve the goal of healthier citizens in healthier cities.

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