Making cities healthier & resilient.

The first of its kind model in India as a Health Observatory for Urban Local Body

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To develop a Knowledge Center for Urban Health and Climate Resilience towards health-smart Surat city and improving standards of health, hygiene, and nutrition.


Our Focus Areas

Child Friendly Cities

Child Friendly Smart City Knowledge Center (CFSCKC) is a joint initiative of Surat Municipal Corporation and UNICEF Gujarat state, India launched in 2017. It is the first of its kind in India under UNICEF support and functions as a unique space hosted within ULB dedicated for children and stakeholders associated with children. It strives to bring into consciousness, learn, act and advocate child inclusion and rights within the city. The center has a strategic phase-wise plan of 3 years & further dissemination-sustainability plan. The nodal agency identified for first phase implementation is UHCRCE.

Resilient Cities

Indian cities are facing an intricate challenge of climate change induced health impacts. UHCRCE has been involved in several pioneering initiatives for climate and health adaptation and resilience. The models have been demonstrated in Surat city and consultancy has also been provided to other cities. Some key ventures included - Heat and Health action plan, Urban Community Resilience Assessment & Action models, Cross learning workshops, Strengthening Health Surveillance Research and Advocacy etc.

Community Mental Health

UHCRCE in last 3 years has initiated city specific sustainable approach of Community Mental Health Program, with support of ULB and contribution of network partners recognized as “સુરત જન મનોમય આરોગ્ય સાથી” (Surat Network for community Mental Health). UHCRCE from 2018-2020 has reached more than 8000 people. Evidence based actions and creative communication has been demonstrated by UHCRCE and its partners for basic, jargon free mental health awareness messages.

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